Top 5 Apps to read someones text messages without their phone

Quite often; if you have been wondering why your loved one’s phone has been beeping frequently, this article should enthuse you.

Even before the smartphones came into being, the SMS (Short Messaging Service) has been a medium of communication, right from the day the humble mobile phone came into the market.

Since then, there are messages being exchanged at the blink of an eye, some good and some not so.

A spy text app would help you keep a tab on the messages received or sent from a phone literally enabling you to spy on the text messages.

Let us take a look at some of the best SMS peeper apps available.

1. MxSpy:

As the name indicates, the MxSpy app is a perfect SMS peeper.

It can not only spy on text messages but also on all internet activity of the target phone.

If your loved one is using a mix of both offline and online messaging service, this app should suit you well as it serves both purposes.

To get started all you have to do is enable the target phone to allow installations from sources other than Google play (unknown sources), download and install the relevant apk and get going!

2. 9SpyApps:

When it comes to the need to spy on text messages, the 9SpyApps app scores quite high, with a claim that its setup takes just 45 seconds.

All one has to do is send out a text message to the target device and then your SMS peeper is all set.

The text messages that are received and sent from the target device can be monitored from the control panel by logging into your account online, all from a browser.

3. Copy9:

Gadgets in the hands or young people calls for proper monitoring.

Innocent minds are vulnerable to bullying and abuse.

The need for the hour is effective parental control software for phone calls and text messages.

Copy9 is a very powerful parental control software.

This spy text app can not only help you monitor activities on your child’s cell phone or tablet in real time but also restrict their usage.

4. Spyzie:

If you are looking to spy on text messages of one phone from another phone, the Spyzie is the perfect solution for you.

The Spyzie is not just an SMS peeper but is also capable of tracking all activities on the target device.

It is available on both Android and iPhone versions making it quite a versatile application to spy on text messages of any phone.

All you have to do is register a Spyzie account, establish a connection with the target phone and then just start monitoring.

You will be able to monitor and store call logs, text messages, social activities and other activities on the target device.

There is special control panel app available if you wish to monitor from another smartphone.

5. iSpyoo:

iSpyoo is a powerful cell phone monitoring application that can be your perfect spy text app.

This SMS peeper can be installed on any iPhone or Android phone.

It works invisibly in the background and uploads the phone’s usage information to iSpyoo’s online user area.

The information can be accessed remotely from anywhere with an internet connection.

A word of caution here some countries require that if you are an employer you need to gain the consent of your employees for the usage of monitoring applications on devices provided to them.

Moreover, be aware that these awesome apps would not be available through Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore. Some of these apps may also require that the target device is rooted.